Searcher Geoservice is an independent Norwegian Oil & Gas consultant company.

Several of the Major companies have licensed  our unique SATLOG post well analysis to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential  around the world.



What is SATLOG?

The resistivity log is not exact and many times wrong or not working. This is a huge problem.

SATLOG slove this problem. In the SATLOG process all in-put well data is QC'ed in five steps before it is run through our in-house algorithm program to extract the hydrocarbon saturation.

SATLOG can be used where the resistivity log does not exist and as a very strong supplement or challenger to the resistivity log.

Norway, UK, Australia and US Gulf of Mexico is our core areas, but we have done several exclusive studies for companies around the world.

To quote one of our Major clients “SATLOG represents a new domain in exploration”.

For more detailed information please contact:

Managing Director Jan Gunnar Opsal - (+47 480 00728)


Chief Geolgist Rasmus Pedersen - (+47 916 85 972)



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